Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A handful of things

  • Three weeks into term and I'm only just feeling like I'm picking up what I'm supposed to be doing again. People keep talking about this writing thing and I always mean to do, but never seem to be quite ready.  Challenge for this term is to be less easily distracted from trains of thought by seeing a shiny book or going to a fun talk. 
  • On the other hand, I need to be pretty positive about what I've been doing, because since coming back here I've been feeling like I've been dragging myself around all day.  Which I had no way to clearly explain, until Robot Hugs drew it.
  • My new love is this site which produces lovely background noise.  Turns out my favourite combination is thunder and rain, which kind of feels like warm stroking for my brain. Or a blanket, to use a slightly clearer simile.
  • Today I have accomplished extreme cleverness (by my standards). I now have all of my references on a browser that lives on a flash drive!  This should hopefully be both an intuitive system for me to use and also get around the issue of Uni computers, which reset all preferences to defaults every time you log off, thus making them buggers to work on.  

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