Saturday, 7 March 2015

February Review

Winter still had a sting in the tail for me. Was it that I said I was so glad to be rid of January?  It's now just one week away from the end of the second University term, and I'm not really sure what I've achieved so far.  February had... Nights out with friends and obscene jokes, a Valentine's card, adventures squeezed into the back of a tiny car, mashed avocado on toast, a film festival and guests visiting, velvet jackets, a ride in the boot of a car and talking with ghosts in a cathedral.

On the other hand it also had antibiotics which triggered depression, two colds which left my head thick and fuzzy, frustrated attempts to find a house for next year, avoiding people and my office, too many days of missed seminars or talks and nights both wishing and unable to go out. 

It is largely because of those that this update is so late. I looked at the targets I set myself and they seem like a joke, however moderate they were.

February targets:
  • 2 long bits of writing  - I haven't even achieved 1, though I have managed quite a few pages of notes
  • 5 blog posts (this one doesn't count) - I posted 2
  • Attend 3 large social gatherings - I'm trying to remember...I definitely made it to two, possibly three
  • Read 1 theoretical text and 1 biography - I think I did read 1 theoretical text, but not a biography
 Books bought: 2
Significant things:
  • Three cheers for CBT?  I have my doubts about it and I think it is a far from universally good therapeutic technique, but I think I am at a stage where it can be helpful.  That is, I am aware that I am mildly depressed and want techniques to help me stop my brain spiralling onwards into more serious depression, because it's been there before and has bad habits.  I'm taking a course which seems to be helping spur me into helpful actions at least.
  • I have started to organise my notebooks and type up notes from last term.
  •  I had another meeting with supervisor. She still seems happy with what I am doing, so...
  • I volunteered to write a survey for the department.  This should be exciting :)
  • I have started 'timesheeting' my work so that I can keep track of where time is going and note down when I've worked on what
March targets:  (In March I am having minor surgery and it is also includes some Easter holidaying)
  • 1 piece of longer writing for second supervisor
  • 2 short first draft pieces of writing for first supervisor
  • Finish organising notebooks
  • 4 blog posts
  • Complete survey successfully and prepare to send out
On the plus side, the sun is coming back, the days are getting longer and warmer, and I think it's almost time to hang up my winter coat.

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