Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Gymmening

The first time I went to the gym, I was walked around it and given a sales pitch about personal trainers and prices. 
The second time, I tried to give them money but got sent away because the person who could take my money wasn't there.
On the third visit, I gave them money and filled out multiple forms promising that I was totally healthy enough to start doing things to make me more healthy.
The fourth time, I was walked around the gym (again) and told how each of the machines worked, clearly with the assumption that a short demonstration of twenty different things would be easy to remember.
Today, I went back again and was reminded how to use a few of them, along with demonstrating that I could maybe do a pushup or two, so that the guy with the timer and the pen could figure out what he thought I should be trying to do.

I think I might have run out of delaying tactics now.  Next time, I will have to do The Exercising.

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